Digital Identity technology summit | Excellent views from guest interviews

On May 12, 2019, in Digital Identity technology summit, several special guests were interviewed by the media to discuss hot topics such as technology development trend and change, information security, compliance risk control and data protection from their own perspectives.

(Interview Mr. Tony Xue, National Leader of Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte China)

Information security and compliance are the strategic cornerstone and operation guarantee of the steady development of an organization. In the global business environment, risk management ability becomes one of the core competitiveness to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of an organization's operation.

Question: Hi Tony, can you talk about the current development trend of information security and risk control in China?

Tony: Risk management is a continuous development process, from internal control of enterprises to risk management, including compliance management guidelines (trial) issued by central enterprises at the end of 2018. Therefore, risk compliance is an evolutionary process and a strict process. In the process of digital transformation, the organization should pay more attention to some information about digital risk, especially the risk of network security, including digital identity, privacy protection, network security law mentioned inside network operators, relevant protective critical information infrastructure, such as enhance the standard of 2.0, including big data and cloud security, mobile Internet, which should be focused on during the digital transformation.

Question:Could you please introduce the main service in network security and information technology risk service? What are the specific sectors of the higher proportion of business? Can you forecast the future development space in China based on the growth trend of the IAM sector in Deloitte Asia Pacific? 

Tony:Security is especially network security is the lifeline of enterprises. Deloitte continues to expand its presence in China's cyber security consulting sector. At present, we are the leading network security consulting service organization in China. No matter from the perspective of revenue or the size of the number of people, we are in the leading position in China. Our services to multinational enterprises, including private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, we focus on the six major industries, including finance, energy, manufacturing, consumer goods, manufacturing, high-tech industries such as telecommunications, there are so many cases of security consulting services, and now is the development of the Deloitte with international trends, in the world, especially the security service is the industry's leading position. Identity management system consultation and implementation is very common in Europe and the United States, and digital identity is now a global hotspot. For example, more and more Banks are moving towards open system. The European banking authority has issued a simulation on open banking system, which takes data security and customer identity management as key requirements. After enterprises go to the cloud, traditional protection measures such as firewalls are difficult to protect the data security of SaaS applications in the cloud. Identity has become the new corporate security frontier.

The development of China's cyber security market is an evolutionary process. From the national regulatory requirements, cyberspace planning, the national issued network security law, level protection, will promote the development of the network security market, so we are also working with some domestic manufacturers to build a network security ecosystem, work together to create a clean and clean cyberspace environment in China.

When it comes to the development of IAM industry in China, we think it is just starting. The CAGR is, of course, very large, depending on the institution. Especially in the development of Asia-pacific region, with the digital transformation, including the wide application of smart city, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, the development space of IAM, especially digital identity management, is very large.

Question:What are your criteria for choosing IAM partners and what are their advantages?

Tony:Deloitte has also been working with a number of IAM vendors in recent years to promote consulting and implementation services for identity security management in China. Especially in the field of IAM, there are many leading IAM manufacturers in the world. However, combined with some relevant industry requirements in China, including regulatory requirements, especially in the aspects of privacy and data protection, foreign manufacturers in China, especially in the field of IAM, have a lot of incompatibility. Currently we have already seen some identity management of domestic manufacturers, after years of technology accumulation also has a strong advantage in identity as a service, adaptive risk management, multiple factors authentication, such as Bamboocloud has obvious advantages in the industry, including product independent research and development, technical service experience and accumulated in multiple industries of large customer case, etc. 

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