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Bamboocloud is an information security enterprise which focused on identity management and access control (IAM) domain. With headquarters in Shenzhen and branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Weifang, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Lanzhou. 

Bamboocloud team has offered IAM consulting, custom development and service delivery primarily to European, America, and ASEAN clients. In 2013, proprietary R&D commenced on  Bamboocloud’s IAM platform, e-pass and intelligent risk engine platform, which will empower organizations to manage their users and customers’identities effectively by automating identity processes, providing strong and multi-factor authentication for critical business transactions, effectively address who, at what time, with what privileges access to which systems, improving convenience, achieving automatic control of user electronic identity and account privileges and fulfilling the regulations and compliance requirements.

Bamboocloud provides a proven, highly scalable and future-embracing IAM solution support both cloud and on-premise deployments for identity management, authentication and customer self-management for the extended ecosystem of business partners and customers.

With industry-leading products, Bamboocloud is currently the unique Chinese company that has won the global innovation service award in the IAM field. In 2015, company won the first prize in the International Maker Area Contest, the Outstanding Contribution Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Banking Industry, and the Best Solution for the Aviation Industry. In 2017, the CEO was awarded "China's independent innovation·Innovative character " award. Intelligent products have been successfully applied ranging from Sinopec Group, China National Nuclear Construction Group, CITIC Group, Shanghai Port Group, Shenzhen Airlines, China Merchants Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Shenzhen Governments and Hospitals, successfully broke the foreign vendors’ technological monopoly.

In May 2019, Bamboocloud successfully completed the Series B round of funding of over 100 million RMB, with top domestic VC institutions Oriental Fortune Capital and Fortune VC invested as lead investor, and Ziyu invested as co-investor. The valuation of this round of financing is the highest and largest single financing project in the IAM field. The fund raised in this round will be mainly used for iterative development and technical innovation in different business scenarios in combination with the enterprise's development goals, such as on-premise, Internet, mobile, Industrial Internet and cloud service platform, furthermore used for talent team, business and market expansion, and improvement of technical support service guarantee system.

Enterprise Qualifications

Independent Patents |Enterprise Qualifications

• Multiple software copyrights and invention patents

• Service Qualification Level 2 of National Information System Security Integration


• ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

• ISO27001 Safety Management System Certificate

• National High-Tech Enterprise

• Dual soft certification enterprise

• Core product confidentiality

• Commercial password sales license

• Commercial password product production point unit


  • 2018 Cybersecurity Innovation Product (Technology) Award

    Bamboocloud Mobile Security ePass won the "2018 Cybersecurity Innovation Product (Technology) Award"

  • First place in central enterprise cybersecurity and industrial internet solution...

    In 2018, awarded the first place in the Central Enterprise Cybersecurity and Industrial internet Solution by Sinopec Project.

  • Top 10 SaaS vendors with most concern in 2018

    In 2018, won the Top 10 SaaS Vendors in China with Bamboocloud Castle

  • Cloud Security Innovation Product Award

    In 2017, in the China Cyber Security Forum, won the Cloud Security Innovation Product Award

  • Civil Aviation Industry "Safe E Airline Award"

    In 2017, awarded the "Safe E-Air Award" for civil aviation industry with its excellent industry solutions – Internet User Identity Security Management...

  • China's independent innovation·Innovative character award

    In 2017, CEO Dongning was awarded the 2017 Independent Innovation Person in the China Science and Technology Fair and Independent Innovation Forum

  • 2016 Financial Industry Technology Innovation Outstanding Contribution Award

    BIM platform was awarded by the "Financial Electronics" organization, and more than 800 institutions including large and medium-sized banks, insurance...

  • First Prize of the International Maker Regional Competition

    In 2015, Bamboocloud Innovation Project won the first prize of International Maker Regional Competition in Shenzhen.

  • The most innovative investment technology innovation company award

    In 2015, Bamboocloud was named the most potential innovative technology company in the China Investment Risk Forum.

  • Fusion Middleware Global Identity Management Innovation Award

    Fusion Middleware Award for the Norwegian Telecom project delivered by the Bamboocloud team overseas.

  • Emerging Star Award for ASEAN and China Identity and Access Management Integrati...

    Emerging Star Award for the “Taihua Agricultural Bank” project delivered by Bamboocloud team overseas.

Related Associations

  • 01

    Shenzhen Women's Makers Association --- Innovation cross-border sharing blooming

    On October 9, 2016, Shenzhen Women Makers Association was formally established with the care and support of Shenzhen Women's Federation and all sectors of society. As the first women makers association in China, the association build a social service platform with rich resources and win-win. With the cultural concept of “innovation、cross-border、sharing、blooming”, the association aims to provide rich social resource docking and venture policy guidance services for women makers. Through a variety of theme activities, intensify communication and promote friendship between women entrepreneurs, increase their personal value and promote their career development. The association also dedicated to public welfare activities, contribute to the society that gives us unlimited opportunities and help.

    Business Scope

    Strengthen communication between women entrepreneurs and the government

    Through in-depth understanding of women entrepreneurs' wishes and requirements , the association can form a unified understanding and make reasonable suggestions to relevant government departments on the development of women-owned business, support policies, and industrial upgrading. Assisting the government in formulating relevant industrial policies, becoming a good assistant to the government, and also be a bridge for communication between the government and women makers.

    Strengthen the protection of women's entrepreneurships and improve the success rate of women-run startups

    By uniting female entrepreneurs and introducing professional service organizations to reduce the risk of women-owned startups,Setting up an expert advisory committee,avoid the blindness of startup projects, and improve the success rate of women-run startups. 

    Strengthen mutual communication and learning and mutual assistance among female entrepreneurs

    Providing expert entrepreneurs as mentors, through real cases to help other female entrepreneurs get out of the early days of confusion. Help female entrepreneurs to start a successful business through the docking and cooperation between mutual help.

    Introduce investment institutions to achieve multi-faceted docking of resources and funds

    Through the introduction of professional investment institutions, the cultivation, screening, investment and docking of women-owned firms will help women entrepreneurs to move into the capital market, and ultimately become bigger and stronger, and give back to the society.

    Enhance the happiness of women's makers and help them achieve self-worth

    In the "her" economic era, through the association's mutual help and help, organize various types of social activities to help female entrepreneurs improve the quality of life and work, thereby enhancing happiness and realizing their self-worth.

    Discover and tap social talents from female entrepreneurs to contribute to social development

    On the one hand, outstanding female entrepreneurs have created material wealth for the society. On the other hand, they can fully exert their intelligence and wisdom in all aspects of social construction and promote social construction.

  • 02

    Shenzhen Information Technology Compliance Association(SZITCA)-- Informatization promotes compliance and boosts credibility

    SZITCA promotes the cross industry sharing of ideas and experiences of its members while providing a robust platform for cooperation. Assist enterprises in strengthening internal controls and risk management. Encourage and help bring to market industry related innovation. Promote industry standards and self-regulation. Insuring the reliability of corporate assets and enhancing brand value through information technology. Above all, be an active participant in building a better society.



    According to the compliance policies and trends issued worldwide, help enterprises to develop compliance plans that can be effectively implemented, reduce enterprise management risks and improve the efficiency of information assets and business management processes. Enhance enterprise competitiveness and credibility; To assist the government in promoting the implementation of relevant cooperation policies.

    Information Technology Innovation

    Carry out industry investigation and research, grasp industry trends, and provide suggestions for government policy making and member management decisions; Edit and publish the association's publications and industry information to help enterprises understand the development trend of industry information technology innovation.

    Business Promotion

    Organize the cooperation and discussion of domestic and foreign industrial technology and information technology innovation results, help member enterprises to publicize and promote products and services in domestic and foreign markets, and to promote enterprise business development.


    Gather the industry's rich resources of science and technology, talents, market and other advantages, promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation among member enterprises, establish the link of resource cooperation between enterprises, and create a platform with abundant resources for the win-win development of enterprises.

    Business Discounts

    SZITCA provides a wide range of value-added services, including software, training, certification, air tickets, hotels, catering and other discount services, as well as translation, international contract review and legal services.

    Business Networking and Facilitation

            Provide communication platform for member enterprises with domestic and foreign enterprises' high-end resources and relevant government departments, promotes the development of enterprise business network, and helps enterprises to improve brand awareness in global markets.

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