Huaxia bank works with Bamboocloud to build a unified identity security management platform

Hua Xia Bank started operation in Beijing in October 1992 when China ushered in the program of opening up and reform led by Chief Architect Deng Xiaoping. The Bank became a nationwide joint stock commercial bank after restructuring in March, 1995. In September 2003, Hua Xia Bank went public as the fifth of Chinese banks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Ticker: 600015). In October 2005, Hua Xia Bank entered into an agreement with the international strategic investor, Deutsche Bank, and completed two rounds of private placement of new shares in October 2008 and April 2011 respectively.

Digitalization and intelligience have effectively promoted the transformation of China's economic operation mode. The digitization of the bank is based on data, under the framework of open interconnection and data intelligence, internal data sharing, process reshaping, and efficiency improvement; external change of customer experience, improvement of risk control capabilities, construction of service scenarios, realization of digital business camp The ratio of revenues continues to increase.

Recent years, Hua Xia Bank has also actively embraced the digital transformation and reorganized and planned internal processes to enhance the digital customer experience and intelligent customer operations.

User identity and authentication information management is the most critical part of application system construction. In order to effectively improve the convenience and security of system application, Huaxia Bank will integrate unified identity management projects into information security planning, establish a standardized user management and certification system, and open applications. Each of the system's decentralized account resources enhances access control and centralized auditing of the application system.



Establish an application unified access portal

The platform provides a unified access portal for all applications. After successful authentication, users can access various application systems which they have privilege through the portal, and implement secure and reliable single sign-on between application systems.


Establish a secure access authentication system

A multi-level security access authentication system is established to implement security protection requirements for high-security service systems. The platform also provides expansion capabilities for future supplements and flexible extensions in authentication methods and security tools.


Implement user-based application access audits

The platform will centrally control the user's application access rights, and perform compliance audits on user authentication and user application access, so as to help managers quickly understand user access and usage of the application system and eliminate security risks.

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