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Shenzhen water (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as shenzhen water group) is a large state-owned backbone water enterprise in shenzhen, with total assets of 18.581 billion yuan and net assets of 9.951 billion yuan.Under the leadership and support of shenzhen municipal party committee and municipal government, water group in "safeguard the livelihood of the people, protecting the environment", in the long-term value of stick to from the traditional local water company, through the establishment of modern enterprise system, the original water inside the special zone integration, diversification of property rights, the city water supply business integration, implement the strategy of "going out" and so on, step by step for the development of the domestic first-class environmental comprehensive water service provider.

Water management is an important part of urban management, and smart water is an inevitable extension of smart city construction.During the 13th five-year plan period, water enterprises are faced with new challenges to adapt to the new normal of economy. In the face of strengthened policy promotion of "ecological civilization construction", "reform of state-owned enterprises", and increasingly extensive application of "cloud material transfer and great wisdom" technology, water enterprises urgently need to improve the efficiency of operation and decision-making through efficient and intelligent information means.In recent years, shenzhen water (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "water group") has seen rapid growth in its business and increasing applications.Each system is built by different manufacturers at different times, with different standards of organization structure and user data management, forming islands and sharing difficulties, which not only reduces the efficiency of enterprise security management, but also brings security risks.
According to the current situation and common problems faced by the domestic water industry, it has become an urgent demand of the industry to integrate the "island" of information, realize the interconnection between each business system and data, and improve the intelligence and reliability of the business.
Based on enterprise development goals, the water group bamboo cloud, hand in hand to build intelligent, highly effective, the unity of the safety status and safety management system, realize the water group, each application system user identity information unified storage, unified supply, unified authentication and audit risk control, and other functions, strengthen water group users access module development and utilization of information resource integration and management level, establish a unified user management specification and application security access standards, promote water group information resource sharing and intensive management, help the healthy development of enterprises.

Project Description

1. Realize automatic provisioning (or synchronization) of user information to other application systems based on workflow from unified identity source;Provide the whole life cycle management and user self-service of electronic identity;
2. Achieve unified user authentication and access control, and provide unified authentication mode and authentication level management;
3. Provide audit function to realize effective supervision of user identity life cycle and access behavior;
4. Form "application access and integration specification", "account management process and method", "security standard and interface specification" and "system operation and maintenance management system" corresponding to unified identity security management system.


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