Yantian Port Group and Bamboocloud jointly established a unified identity security management and access control platform

Founded in 1985, Yantian Port Group (YTP) specializes in port construction, investment, operation, integrated logistics and supporting services. It is a large port group under the Shenzhen Government. Capitalizing on advantageous natural conditions and location, YTP has leveraged the policies of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and implemented market-oriented development mode. Going through entrepreneurship, joint venture and rapid development, YTP has grown into a large port group focusing on port construction, investment, operation, integrated logistics and supporting services. 


Project Background

With the rapid development of Yantian Port Group's information technology, information systems are increasing year by year, such as: OA system, HR system, contract and asset management system, security management system, etc. The organizational structure, user accounts and access rights of these systems are scattered in isolation. In their respective application systems. Due to the lack of a unified user management system and identity governance mechanism, there are many risk issues in process efficiency, information security, and risk management. Therefore, building a unified, efficient, stable, secure and reliable unified identity security management and access control platform has become an urgent need for Yantian Port Group's information development.


Project Description

Through the construction of unified identity security management and access control platform, the user's information is synchronized from the unified identity data source to other application systems. Establish a centralized user identity information database, collect and filter user attribute information of all systems, realize user identity information aggregation; build a management process that conforms to Yantian Port Group's business management model, and provide identity synchronization mechanism for each application system; Enter personnel and other personnel services to achieve real-time management of the organization and user account information throughout the life cycle; provide full lifecycle management functions from on-the-job to resignation, including post adjustment, travel, handover and other processes. 


With the development of Yantian Port Group's business, there are more and more types of applications, providing a variety of integration methods through a unified identity platform, while being compatible with a variety of device terminals and providing dynamic expansion of a variety of strong authentication methods, including face, fingerprint, dynamic passwords, etc., to ensure the security of the user's unified login. Through the establishment of the access control platform, a unified authentication mode, authentication credentials, and authentication policy management are provided to meet the business requirements of different systems.


Project Value

In the era of global economic development integration and information technology integration, cross-regional, cross-industry, cross-organizational resource integration and efficient coordination capabilities have formed an organization's core competitiveness in the international market. Yantian Port Group is based in Shenzhen's home port, following the national strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, realizing the all-round port layout at home and abroad, and building a “big seaport” system. In recent years, the Group's port layout has been based in Shenzhen, domestically and globally. A modern organization or enterprise with international credibility and competitiveness needs to establish an internal control system and identity security governance mechanism in line with international standards to ensure that the organization controls who, at what time, with each entitlements to access which business systems or which devices or data. In the information age of IoT, identity management makes all connections in the world simple and reliable, and is also a key condition for ensuring efficient coordination, stable operation and risk control of business.

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